Visual artist, vocalist, designer/maker, from Rome now based in Den Haag.
She has lived and worked between Italy, UK, Sri Lanka and The Netherlands, always looking for new places and new roots but always with the cultural tradition of her country in the heart.
As vocalist and performer she is active in the musical improvisation field.
As visual artist her research explores the experimental aspects of the processing of matter always on the brink between formalism and its deconstruction, representing moments of collision between the worlds of art, architecture, sound and design.
In her work the hand knowledge of traditional techniques is necessary and fundamental for any type of research.
In the last years, by introducing a sonic dimension in the works, she investigates the link between sound and formal element and how this relationship can strengthen or change the perception of space.
Her works have been exhibited in galleries and festivals in Italy, The Netherlands and South Corea and in museums as Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna of Rome and the Gemeente Museum of Den Haag.



Alchemy of the earth, of colors, of minerals and pigments, of sounds and their composition, of my voice when it comes to music. My work is a continuous investigation of the construction/deconstruction of the formal, chromatic, sonic material.
Whether it is about sculptural works or installations, performances or design functional objects, every project fixes a point in this movement.
Art as a system of relations and intertwining between material and immaterial where often the Other becomes the participant of an immersive dialogue.
In the last years my research follows the encounter with a sonic dimension.
In this clash with sound the matter breaks and splits itself up.
Cracks and flaws on the surface appear. From a slit a sound starts to become audible. Disruption as the only possible precondition in order for a sound to appear.
By opening a crack I wander toward the factorization of the matter and wonder how the two terms can come into play. Which displacement are they subjected to? Can these terms operate a system of translation?
Is vibration a mean through which different and yet interconnected planes (social, cultural, psychological) of the lived space be unveiled?
Looking for what materially constitutes sound and sonically constitutes the matter maybe hidden territories can appear on the surface.